All eyes on data insights.

Our experts at DATALOGUE Marketing are true all-rounders.

They know the most efficient channels and the best marketing strategies; they understand brand messages and are au fait with the sales funnel. Navigating the customer life cycle is no more difficult to them than commuting to work.

But what makes them so special is that they are bona fide experts in facts, figures and hard data.

Whether media data, KPIs in performance marketing or data-based personas, they use intelligent data and insights in order to tailor communication to specific target groups, enhance the customer experience and maximise sales figures.

In today’s marketing, understanding data and gaining insights from it is more important than ever. Whether more revenue, optimised ROMI or high-value lead generation, our marketing experts don’t just use your data to devise concrete measures, but also to add tangible value.


Success is all about the right attitude – and the right tools.

Achieving goals with optimum data: our marketing experts consider even the smallest details when working to boost your success.

The work of our marketing experts doesn’t stop when the data has guided your campaign to the right target group. In fact, this is just the start.

The DATALOGUE CLOSED-LOOP principle ensures the best results for your sales and marketing objectives, as we measure and evaluate each outcome using data-based methods and optimise them for future measures.

We not only devise valid test concepts ahead of a campaign, but generate an insight from each available KPI, facilitating lasting optimisations for subsequent measures.

We provide you with clear, data-based recommendations. Which message is more relevant? Which images connect with the target group? Which offer works better? Is information or emotion a better trigger for an effective ROMI?

Just ask us. We will be happy to show you the data-driven opportunities that can propel your campaign forward.


Welcome to the future. Today.

Sometimes, the notion of carving out a competitive edge on the basis of data intelligence or significantly boosting marketing performance in a data-driven way can sound like it’s a long way off. 

Here at DATALOGUE, we take a pragmatic approach: what other people call ‘the future’ is what we already do on a daily basis in the present. 

Day in, day out, we prove to our clients that the marketing of tomorrow is already today’s reality. Whether online, offline, B2C, B2B, SME or blue chip, data makes marketing more manageable, targeted and successful.

Our team of marketing experts is always open to new ideas when it comes to generating real added value from data. We never stop searching for new ways to create more relevance amongst your target group via precision messages.

And we are always inquisitive about innovations and trends in marketing. For data that boosts revenue and profit.



Data is changing marketing from top to bottom, opening up completely new possibilities for greater relevance on all levels. It throws up new answers to age-old marketing questions. It’s no longer a case of “what does the consumer want?” but rather “when and how does the consumer want to receive which offer and which information – and at what time on which channel?"

Head of Marketing

Maike Forster