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Customer relevance drives data monetisation

At DATALOGUE, we aim to generate the maximum revenue from your data. To monetise your data in the best possible way, it is important to understand why you are relevant to your customers. And that's exactly why we have developed our customer growth eco system to maximise your business success.

Regardless of whether we design and implement data analytics from scratch for your company, or whether we provide solution-oriented support to your existing analytics team as an extended workbench - we create the basis for more relevance in your customer relationship.

Our Solutions Framework uses these insights with a clear goal: more revenue and more profit per customer through optimised customer relevance.

Customer Growth Eco System

Increase your customer relevance

Customers find companies whose values they share particularly relevant. Who motivate them not only to use products and services, but to recommend them to others. Who maintain an honest exchange and a long-term relationship with them. And who address them personally and individually.

Customer relevance means appealing to the head and heart of your customers - and winning them over.

We turn your business into a Cutomer Relevance Leader.


Create Relevance. Not Awareness.

With our data-driven and innovative methods, we help you identify the needs, interests, preferences and habits of your customers and serve them in a precisely tailored way. To do this, we use artificial intelligence (AI), but also empathy and the many years of professional experience of our interdisciplinary team. With our support, you create relevant brand experiences and build a lasting, valuable customer relationship.

Lay the foundation now for increasing customer value - and thus the value of your company.

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Certified security

Data protection is an absolute priority for us. To ensure the highest standards, we have passed the ISO certifications and are also GDPR-certified. You can rely one hundred percent on our responsible handling of your confidential customer information.


This is how we increase your customer relevance

Working model

We work together with you in integrated project teams.

We offer you a full service - or act in individual disciplines such as analytics, consulting, technology or marketing.

In this way, we complement your existing in-house competencies with a perfect fit.

Know How

In addition to profound data expertise, we have years of business experience.

This enables us to refine big data into fitting smart data solutions.

In order to use the most effective business levers together with you, we provide a continuous know-how transfer to your specialists.

Customer Relevance Platform

In all projects, we act according to a structured customer relevance approach:

Analyse – Plan – Act – Evaluate & Optimize

This approach ensures that all goals are achieved and that together we achieve tangible results quickly and efficiently.

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