Here at DATALOGUE, we see data as so much more than measurable quantities of bits and bytes.

Measuring data is important. But data only becomes truly valuable for companies when it is harnessed effectively.

Data has the potential to effect fundamental change in terms of processes, business models, products and services, challenges and goals. It is our aim to harness data intelligently on behalf of our clients so that it brings about the right kind of changes. In this way, we will help you boost sales and earnings in a data-driven way, maximise the value of individual customers, make customer relations more relevant and communicate more efficiently.
However, we don’t just make promises, but also deliver sound arguments. The success of our solutions is always measurable – and that’s a guarantee.


We are obsessed with data. And how it can benefit you.

  • More than 50 specialists  in Hamburg, Zurich and Amsterdam for analytics-based, data-driven sales and marketing management.
  • Data management and advanced analytics solutions in accordance with the most stringent data protection and security standards: 
    ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification, with the GDPR as a guiding framework.
  • Multi-channel orchestration: cross-channel communication management, complemented by considerable expertise in marketing, sales and CRM (incl. bringing the communication style to life).
  • Information- and data-based: all decisions, processes and measurements are underpinned by internal and external data.
  • One-stop shop: concrete, data-based recommendations, cross-industry expertise within the team to ensure holistic use of best practices.

Pioneers of adding value with data: a perfect combination of data-driven expertise.

Andreas Hannemann and Peter-Joachim Fiegel realised at an early stage that CRM is a discipline with a bright future and that it can solve a wide variety of business challenges by improving structures and processes.

They have both always seen data as the cornerstone of strategic solutions, whether in terms of campaigns or in a sales environment.

For these two entrepreneurs, the next logical step was to combine the process-oriented CRM perspective with the insight-based analytical point of view and their experience in communication and media management, which led to the setting up of DATALOGUE in 2012.

Today, the company comprises more than 50 employees – including business administrators, business IT professionals, management consultants, analysts and communication experts – who apply their expertise and passion to the intelligent use of data to solve the challenges faced by our clients.

Take advantage of our data expertise to boost the success of your company.


I have always been fascinated with the notion of combining creativity and a structured approach when handling data. Here at DATALOGUE, I can put this fascination to good use by demonstrably solving business challenges using data and insights.


Marc Baumann