A safe bet: our database solutions.

Quality talks. That’s why our technology experts are genuine specialists when it comes to intelligent data storage and efficient data processes.

Optimum data quality is essential for deriving useful added value from data. Poor-quality data results in data being unable to correctly reveal connections, with the data losing its value as a consequence.

Big data can only become smart data if optimum data quality is maintained.

Here at DATALOGUE, we therefore draw on the full spectrum of data profiling options, from certified data quality management through to focused closed-loop processes, in order to prime your data for data analytics.

By doing so, we pave the way for a sustainable return on investment, the long-term value retention of your data and a reliable analytical basis to improve agility at your company.

Apply our experience to your challenge.


Optimum performance on the data superhighway.

Our database solutions offer top performance for all processes connected with data intelligence.

Whether data warehousing, closed-loop system architecture, data discovery, data staging or marketing automation, our technology experts are ready for your challenge.

We work with you to identify your requirements and find the right solution. Whether an existing market solution or tools tailored to your particular problem, our technology experts get to the heart of the matter.

Speed, scalability and maximum quality are three of the key building blocks for a functional and target-driven system architecture in the field of data and analytics.

Our many years of experience will help you to tailor the best tools, the most effective processes and the most powerful hardware to your objective.

Put us to the test. Our technology experts are ready for your challenge.


DATALOGUE SUITE. Our mission control that gets your data working harder.

Whether an informative KPI platform or an intelligent database, our proprietary tools pave the way for efficient, data-driven sales and marketing measures.

Here at DATALOGUE, we ensure customised, data-driven customer value management thanks to bespoke systems and interfaces. We realise and operate the system and data architecture for you in our role as a consulting and implementation partner.

In addition to the implementation or the optimisation of your existing systems, we also offer support in the area of OEM solutions.

If required, we can also make our own DATALOGUE Suite system platform available for your use. Here, data and connections are displayed in a user-friendly way, enabling you to make quick, data-based decisions for your firm.


Daten-Insights klar visualisiert: Auf einen Blick alle relevanten Handlungsoptionen sichtbar machen.

From Hadoop and NoSQL through to cloud-based data sets, there is a greater expectation than ever that IT departments are up to date with the latest technologies and strategies. Here at DATALOGUE, we listen closely when it comes to the individual goals of your customers. As such, we can offer bespoke solutions that combine high data quality with effective processes.

Head of TEchnology

Kai Kruse