Your business is our business: here at DATALOGUE, we meet your business objectives.

Whether more new customers, reduced cancellation rates, improved conversion or a lower CPO, we generate maximum value in terms of your requirements thanks to our unique combination of analytics, consulting, marketing and technology services.

But we do more than just make vague promises: by providing you with precisely calculated business cases, we give you a clear benchmark against which you can measure our performance.  

We will show you how your data can make money for your company.  

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Specialists for any challenge.

A strong team boasts a complementary mix of expertise, giving it a crucial edge over generalists.

Here at DATALOGUE, we have a vast array of specialists at our disposal, enabling us to find the perfect solution for your challenge. These include business administrators, database specialists, business IT professionals, analysts, digitalisation specialists and marketing experts. 

What they all have in common is a passion for intelligent data, coupled with boundless curiosity when it comes to innovative solutions, effective processes and exciting projects.

This unique combination of complementary expertise at DATALOGUE enables bespoke solutions ranging from analysis and strategy through to implementation.


Where others stop, DATALOGUE goes the extra mile.

Our interdisciplinary expertise offers clear benefits: we don’t think in terms of stand-alone steps, but instead pursue a holistic approach to meeting clearly defined goals with data-driven solutions.

We don’t just leave you on your own with your insights; we will also explain how you can maximise the value of individual customers by means of relevant marketing.

Our team will not only optimise your database processes, but also structure your data in a way that makes it perfect for long-term use. And with our data-driven consultancy services, we will also show you new possibilities for optimising earnings.

For example, our technology experts can do more than just design user-friendly websites. Working with our marketing and consultancy professionals, they will also optimise your customer enquiry forms and online lead generation to make the most of your data.

Your challenge. Our solution.


We always go one step further.           Even if we don’t have to.

The close links between our areas of focus represent a major benefit for our clients, even if they only want to make partial use of it.

Our clients face unique challenges. We offer unique solutions. That’s why we draw on DATALOGUE service modules that we always tailor to the business objective of the client concerned.

We always have the next step in mind, as we think and act in a holistic manner here at DATALOGUE.

If, for example, a client has their own analytics department, we already know which data fields are required when processing the data.

Using a customer structure analysis, we create sample data-driven personas, enabling a communications agency to directly identify relevant content.

When developing new database processes, we don’t just consider the client’s users, but also provide advice on optimising lead generation or improving the data protection process.

Here at DATALOGUE, we always go further and never lose sight of the next earnings-relevant step.


Understanding, thinking and acting holistically is the cornerstone of sustainable and efficient solutions. Thanks to the interplay of different areas of expertise, we at DATALOGUE cannot only rely on the broad knowledge base of our people, but can also offer our clients bespoke solutions to boost their sales and marketing success.